Achieve Resolution with Mediation

Mediation is a process whereby a trained, impartial person helps two or more people in a dispute to:

  • Talk about their situation
  • Exchange their concerns
  • Explore options to move the dispute forward and achieve a conflict resolution.

What is discussed in mediation is confidential and the mediator will set out a series of groundrules to help people feel confident and safe whilst communicating their needs, feelings and concerns.


What happens in mediation


When two (or more) employees in a conflict situation agree to mediation each has a preliminary, confidential meeting with the mediator when they are given an opportunity to describe the situation from their perspective. They are given an understanding of how mediation works and asked to think about approaches to move the situation forward.

If satisfactory progress is made at the preliminary meetings and if all the parties agree then a confidential meeting will take place involving all the parties. There are 5 stages to be addressed in this meeting:


  • Each party is given a short time to describe the problem from their perspective
  • The mediator will explore the issues with the parties - checking facts and comparing all parties views of the situation
  • The mediator will explore what people want and what can be done about the situation - building the basis of agreements
  • The mediator will facilitate the parties in finding solutions and making agreements about how to move the situation forward
  • Closure and follow-up; including ending the session and the drawing up of agreements where possible


Mediators do not take sides nor do they make decisions about outcomes. They foster an environment that is constructive, open and non-threatening. This ensures that everyone involved has the opportunity to speak and to be heard. The mediator's role is to facilitate the 5 stage process of mediation, with the overall aim of helping the parties involved to construct realistic, workable and fully understood agreements. Our Mediation Services are Provided throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and The Central Belt. 

Nothing in the agreements or the substance of the mediation itself will be disclosed to others without the agreement of all parties concerned.


To find out more about how mediation can help you maximise the potential of your employees please contact us.