Help Your Employees Deliver More with Professional Coaching. 


"Coaching is establishing with the client what their reality is today. Then clearly defining what are the client's aims or intentions for the future. The coach works with the client to produce a plan of action that the client can follow with confidence"

Coaching & Mentoring International (CMI)

Corporate and executive coaching are best used to help employees address specific professional development issues or to assist when taking on a challenging work role, change or project. Coaching can help employees:


  • Fine tune interpersonal and advanced communication skills

  • Be an outstanding and inspirational leader

  • Motivate and build productive teams

  • Manage stress, change, conflict and crisis

  • Enhance their personal impact and performance


Personal coaching helps support people who want to improve their quality of life through planned, achievable goals. You set the agenda and your coach supports and encourages you in achieving your goals. Coaching can be stretching, stimulating and supportive. Your coach can help you create more meaning in your life, cultivate confidence, keep you motivated and help manage stress while you unlock your potential.


Both life coaching and corporate coaching provide a confidential space where you can talk about what's on your mind, share insights, think the unthinkable, come up with alternatives and rehearse your next steps. It's an enjoyable, rewarding and enriching experience. Enhance your skills with Coaching in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across The Central Belt.


To find out more about how Counselling and Coaching Solutions can help you maximise your own potential and the potential of your employees please contact us.